Yanis Benabdallah

Tenor Singer and Conductor

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Kahlil Gibran

From Folk and World Music, Lieds, Oratorios, Arias, to Starring Roles—  an aim to cover a broad and deep range of musical repertoire

Solo Tenor Singer


Extensive Work and Bliss

Making Inner Musical Vision Coming to Life


I have been working with Yanis Benabdallah since 2014. I really appreciate the soft and refined strength of his voice, which Yanis adapts with ease to the composers he interprets.

– Till Aly, conductor


The personality and talent of tenor Yanis Benhabdallah allow him to tackle the great roles of the operatic repertoire. Intense, powerful or light, his voice translates the emotions of the characters he interprets. His solid musical knowledge, his assurance, his exceptional breath, his phrasing, make him an ideal partner for the conductor and the singers he works with. His stage presence is remarkable, his interpretations thrill the audience. I have had the pleasure of conducting Yanis Benabdallah on several occasions in opera productions and, as a conductor, I have particularly appreciated him.

– Benoit Jean, conductor


A very beautiful voice, at the service of the music and nourished by the heart

– Amine Kouider, conductor


Musical intelligence radiates from every voice he sings, as he has both conducting and instrumental training and experience. He and his wife, Katalin Vámosi, make a great pair. Individually and between the two of them, their work is characterised by professionalism, precision and passion. For me, making music together is always a great experience.

– Hermann Szabolcs, conductor

A Classic, Intimate and Poetic setting


My greatest passion and aim is, to serve the music I perform and to sing and conduct authentically in all styles and genres.


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
Ludwig van Beethoven